Greg Jorgensen is a typical programmer.

Greg Jorgensen

I started programming in 1974. Tainted by BASIC, Fortran, COBOL, and assembler at an impressionable age, I nevertheless managed to make a career out of programming and went on to work at Nike, Apple, and many other companies. I specialize in fixing and enhancing broken, abandoned, and half-baked web applications, particularly database-backed PHP sites.

I’m originally from beautiful Los Angeles, California. I’ve lived in San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Portland, Austin, Las Vegas, Bournemouth (England), Bangkok, and Chiang Mai. Since 2012 I’ve been working and traveling as a tech nomad. Right now I am mostly based in Thailand. When I’m in the United States I’m usually visiting family and friends in Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, and San Antonio.

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Some of the articles on this site are intended as satire.

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